Internet And Ecommerce

A Tool To Realize Your Aspirations Of Wealth And Lifestyle

Ever since the “Dot Com Bubble” of 1995 -2001, millions of people worldwide have viewed the internet as a tool to realize their aspirations of wealth and lifestyle.

Amazingly, in excess of 1.4 billion people are connected to, and regularly use the web on a day-to-day basis. 1.4 billion - that’s 23% of the entire population of the world!

With the world’s economy in a constant cycle of boom and bust, employment remains limited, whilst outsourcing continues to be unlimited. The one undeniable constant is information and technology (I.T.). I.T. is at an all time high, and there has never been a greater opportunity for the average citizen, people like you and me, to take control of our financial futures. In today’s modern and democratized age you don’t have to be born supping on a silver spoon to attain a lifestyle most people can only dream about. With the right knowledge and correct tools any aspiring entrepreneur is capable of achieving undreamed of wealth.

Here at Platinum Institute we have two key objectives. Firstly we provide our students with the knowledge and tools required to succeed in an online business. Then, through a combination of tutoring and experience, each student is motivated, nurtured and developed in readiness to begin succeeding with your online business.

P.I. and our partners, Internet Training, have taught and supported thousands of business people throughout the world enabling them to sell products from the comfort of their own homes via the convenience, and unlimited potential of the World Wide Web.

Our group of professional coaches is deemed to be some of the best and most experienced people in the Internet marketing business. With backgrounds ranging from web design to affiliate marketing ad words, and even proven money making expertise using Craigslist, you can be fully confident of our support infrastructure. This infrastructure, co-ordinate through our Success Centre, not only teaches the top most advanced techniques in making money online, but also utilizes a variety of different tutoring platforms to suit your personal learning preferences. It is our priority to work within your comfort zone, so whether you prefer one to one training, live webinars, audiotapes and CD’s, or online support, we are able to provide these, and many other mediums to help you.

The essential fact to remember is that 98.6% of all new businesses fail within the first year of trading. Compare this statistic with the 98% success rate of people or businesses trained by a coach or mentor - people and businesses that remain extremely viable, and continue to turn a handsome profit.

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